Sections 3, 4 and 5 (Handling, Storage, Passengers and Vehicles)

Section 3 - Handling

Section 3 Handling Fees
Category Fee Payable
For the use of slips for painting etc £7.13 per metre, per day
For the use of CnES cranes and derricks on each occasion £4.05 per hour
£43.12 minimum charge
For private cranes used on piers for any reason unless otherwise agreed

£5.40 per hour

£43.07 minimum charge

Vessels craned on or off Comhairle piers £58.86

Section 4 - Storage

Section 4 Storage
Category Fee Payable
For goods, including fishing equipment, remaining on pier outside designated storage areas for a period in excess of 24 hours: or if good dues previously paid £0.56 per week or part thereof, per sq.m
  per week or part thereof-50% of original goods dues
Vessels which have not paid composition dues, if storing creels or other equipment on Comhairle piers, shall be liable to storage charges of: £0.75 Per week or part thereof, per sq.m

Section 4 - Storage Notes

  1. Where, for any pier, harbour or jetty, storage areas have not been designated, the charges in Section 4(a) shall not apply.
  2. Vessels regularly using the Comhairle's Harbours for landing fish will be permitted to stack fish boxes, creels and nets within the area designated for this purpose at the discretion of the Harbourmaster without incurring storage dues.
  3. Storage is subject to VAT at the standard rate.

Section 5 - Passengers and Vehicles

Section 5 Passenger and Vehicles Fees
Category Fee Payable
Passengers embarking or landing £0.57 each
Motor cars £2.42 each
Motor cycles £1.03 each
Pedal cycles £0.56 each
Holiday caravans, horseboxes and trailers £2.30 each
Commercial vehicles, mobile homes and military vehicles £2.04 per metre length

Section 5 - Passenger and Vehicles Notes

  1. Parking is only permitted in conjunction with the normal working of the harbour.
  2. The crew or passengers of any vessel for which a composition fee has been paid and is valid will be permitted to park without further charge at the discretion of the Harbourmaster provided that parking space is available and normal working of the facilities is not impeded by such parking.
  3. Limited long term parking is available at Ferry Terminals.
  4. Any parked vehicle without a valid road fund license will be considered abandoned and may be removed without further notice, with any associated costs charged to the last registered owner.