eBuilding Standards


We are aware of 'time-out' issues that may occur when making payments for applications through the eDevelopment online portals (Opens in a new window or downloads a file) when using a Google Chrome browser. You may wish to use an alternative browser when making payment until this issue has been resolved by Scottish Government.  If you experience this issue please contact Scottish Government at eDevelopment@gov.scot and they can advise what to do next to get your application submitted.  We apologise for any inconvenience caused.  

Payment can be made directly to the Comhairle by paying online or by telephone to Customer Services: 01851 600502.

eBuildingstandards.scot Launched: 24  August 2016

Scotland’s online building warrant application service, eBuildingStandards.scot, has been launched and building warrant applications and other related submissions such as completion certificates can now be submitted on-line.

Online applications will be simple, save applicants’ time and money and will be delivered swiftly, enabling us to start considering applications sooner.

eBuildingStandards.scot is accessed through eDevelopment.scot – a new single landing page leading both to the new eBuildingStandards service and to the ePlanning service which was upgraded in January 2016.  Just one registration is needed, so if you are already registered on ePlanning.scot, you will be able to use the same login details for eBuildingStandards.scot.

For further information Contact the Building Standards Team

Paper Applications

Although we are seeking to fully digitise the service some customers will still prefer to submit and receive paper documentation.  We will continue to cater for paper applications but we do try and digitise as much of the customer journey as possible whilst working in line with the customer’s preferences and availability electronic facilities.

Submission of Additional Supporting Documentation

For portal applications additional supporting documentation should be submitted, whenever possible, through the portal due to constraints of the Comhairle internal e-mail system which limits file sizes and mailbox capacity.  Additional supporting documentation for other non-portal building warrant applications can also be submitted through the online portal site.  If you are not able to do this and wish to submit information electronically by other methods please contact us for alternative options.

When submitting additional information please make sure that you:

  • quote the full reference number, including suffix, as shown on the acknowledgement letter you would have received when your application was approved,
  • name all plans correctly and accurately e.g. “front elevation”, “first floor plan”,
  • include a scale bar on all drawings,
  • describe revised plans using the original name and drawing number and revision letter for each revision, e.g. if the original version of your plan was described as ‘Front Elevation 003’ then the revised plan might be named ‘Front Elevation 003 Rev A’.