Completion Certificates

Before a building or part of a building, which has been erected, can be occupied, it is necessary to obtain acceptance of your Certificate of Completion from the Comhairle.

The Certificate of Completion is a form that is completed and submitted by the Building Owner or Agent to the Comhairle on completion of the work. The acceptance of this certificate provides formal confirmation that the works have been carried out in accordance with the Building Warrant and with the Building Regulations.

To demonstrate acceptance of the certificate of completion the Building Standards section issues a ‘Notice of Acceptance of the Completion Certificate’. Quite apart from the legal implications, failure to obtain a Building Warrant or a Certificate of Completion can have serious practical consequences, for example, for householders seeking to sell their homes. It is almost certain that buyers, solicitors, building societies and so forth will require to see such documents in connection with property sales, mortgages etc.

Where work has been carried out which does not comply with the Building Regulations, the Comhairle will almost certainly require remedial works to be carried out to achieve compliance. If you are uncertain as to what you, or your builders, are doing, complies with the Building Regulations you are advised to check with Building Standards staff.