Building Standards Register

All local authorities are required under section 24 of the Building (Scotland) Act 2003 to maintain a Building Standards Register.  The register is in two parts, Parts I and II which are accessed separately.

Part I of the register consists of an online searchable register where the public can access information on Building Warrants.  This part of the register is searchable by keyword, reference number, postcode or address.  To access this information follow the link below

Building Standards Register (Opens in a new window or downloads a file)


Part II of the register is available for inspection during office hours, with some restrictions – see paragraph below.  It contains copies of warrants and completion certificates, including certificates from approved certifiers of design and construction, principal drawings and specifications, copies of energy performance certificates and any other documents submitted with particular projects.

Restrictions for viewing and copying apply to Part II of the register as follows:

  1. Where the building is a residential building, access for viewing and access to copies of documents is only available to ‘interested parties’. An ‘Interested Party’ is defined as being someone with an interest in the building, such as current (or prospective) owner, occupier or tenant.  Copying is also extended to an “interested party” of an adjoining building.
  2. For buildings where there is a security concern copying is permitted only with the written permission of the owner.