Trading Standards Warning

Trading Standards are warning island residents of telephone scammers claiming to be from BT requesting payment for overdue monies.

We have had a recent report from a Stornoway resident about a call taken at their elderly parents’ house. It occurred early evening time from someone claiming to be from BT who was requesting a very small amount of money be paid immediately to settle arrears on their BT account. Less than £2.00 in fact. The caller claimed that a letter had already been sent to the householder explaining that the rental cost had increased and if not settled at that time the phone line would be disconnected. When questioned further the caller then proceeded to quickly exit the call by hanging up. They had asked for the elderly residents by specific name and had called from a withheld number.

Jay Moran of CNES Trading Standards, said: “Please do not be rushed into making any financial decisions at such short notice. The amount requested may have been small in this case and was not paid fortunately. However, once a scammer has a person’s bank details they are likely attempt to take any amount. Our advice is if you are in any doubt just put the phone down, ignore the call and wait to see if a legitimate company may write to you for example.”

If you are concerned for yourself or someone you know who may be receiving such nuisance and scam calls you can call Trading Standards on 01851 822694 for further assistance.