CNES Convener, Leader and Chairs Elected

A cut of the cards was the dramatic conclusion to the contest for the Convenership of Comhairle nan Eilean Siar today. Cllr Kenneth Macleod was elected after he drew a three in a draw of the cards while Cllr John A Maciver drew a two.

Cllr Paul Steele is the new Leader of the Comhairle following a successful contest with Cllr Norman Macdonald.

Three candidates put themselves forward for the position of Convener and three for the Leader post.

Cllr Duncan Macinnes was elected as the first Depute Leader of the Comhairle.

Committee Chairs and Vice-Chairs have also been elected.

They are:

Education, Sports and Children’s Services -  Cllr Paul Finnegan and Cllr Mustapha Hocine

Sustainable Development – Cllr Donald Crichton and Cllr Norman Macdonald.

Transportation and Infrastructure – Cllr Uisdean Robertson and Cllr Susan Thomson.