Radio 4’s The Museums That Make Us

Museum & Tasglann nan Eilean makes an impression on Radio 4’s The Museums That Make Us

Neil MacGregor, former Director of the British Museum, will be in conversation with Museum & Tasglann nan Eilean staff in this week’s episode of a new Radio 4 programme The Museums that Make Us. Neil has been travelling the length and breadth of the country to look at how museums reflect the identity and ambitions of their local communities, and to answer the question ‘What are Museums for in 2022?’.

The team was asked to select an object on display in the museum that represents a theme which is important to the community today. The object selected was a drawing by artist Will MacLean for the Aignish Land Raiders’ Memorial Cairn, constructed by Jim Crawford as part of the Cuimhneachain nan Gaisgeach (Remembering the Land Heroes) project.

Agnes Rennie, Chairperson of Urras Oighreachd Ghabhsainn (Galson Estate Trust) was invited as a contributor along with museum staff to discuss why it is important that this story is reflected in the museum.

In the programme listeners will hear Agnes Rennie alongside Caitriona MacCuish (Museum Development Officer) and Seonaid McDonald (Archivist) talking to Neil about the historical aspects of the Clearances and Land Raids, the importance of the land question to people in the islands and the significance of community land ownership today.  Some of the conversation was recorded at the cairn itself, despite the terrible weather!

Neil MacGregor – who was the Director of the British Museum when the loan of the Lewis Chessmen was negotiated – has nominated the Aignish Land Memorial Cairn visit as his number 1 choice in the series preview in the Radio Times.

The programme airs this Friday 11th March at 13.45.

Programme website: - link to Museum & Tasglann nan Eilean programme