Scam Awareness

There has been a recent surge in reports to the Comhairle about telephone scams being targeted at the islanders and we want to do all we can to protect people.

The Comhairle is trying to reach out to the communities in a number of ways including social media and have a Facebook page: CnES Consumer & Environmental Service

Jay Moran from Trading Standards at Comhairle nan Eilean Siar, said: “Please share the pages with your friends and local groups on Facebook - to help prevent islanders from becoming the victims of scams. We will post information to help warn and protect people from the latest scams and there have been many reports of telephone scams taking place over recent weeks. Scams and frauds can end up happening to anyone and at any point in their life, as these criminals may use sophisticated techniques to appear genuine. It is not your fault.

“Often these calls may not be an outright scam in the traditional sense or involve huge sums of cash, but may involve you entering into an expensive contract for something you didn’t intend to before you picked the phone up. Take time to think and don’t be afraid to say no thank you and then do your own research on the product or service offered and make an informed decision on whether you actually wanted it in the first place”.

If you have concerns for yourself or someone you know in relation to scams please report this to Trading Standards on 01851 822 694 (please leave a voicemail) or Police Scotland on 101.

If you are looking for advice in relation to an issue with a consumer contract for goods and/services please contact Advice Scotland:

Telephone:  08088009060