Comhairle’s draft Climate Change Strategy

The Comhairle is inviting individuals and organisations to submit comments on the draft Climate Change Strategy via the - Public Consultation on the Comhairle’s Draft Climate Change Strategy questionnaire.

The Climate Change Act 2019 committed Scotland to Net Zero by 2045, meaning that greenhouse gas emissions produced must be balanced out by the removal of emissions from the atmosphere by this date. The Public Bodies Climate Change Reporting Duties place a legal requirement on public bodies to set target dates for zero direct emissions and indirect emission reductions, report on how spending and resource will contribute to these targets, and report on the body’s contribution to Scotland’s Climate Change Adaptation Programme.

Comhairle Leader, Paul Steele, said: “The Draft Climate Change Strategy has been developed to provide strategic direction on climate change and ensure statutory obligations on mitigation and adaptation are met. The strategy has three priority areas aligning to national priorities on climate change:  a Carbon Neutral Comhairle, Net Zero Islands and Climate Resilient Islands. An action plan with performance indicators has been developed and will be used to track progress against key outcomes.

“Comments received will be reviewed and the draft Climate Change Strategy will be amended as appropriate. The final draft of the Climate Change Strategy will be considered by the Policy and Resources Committee of the Comhairle which will be held week beginning 19th September.”

Responses by individuals and organisations are invited by Saturday 13th of August 2022 at 5pm.