Equality Outcomes Consultation

The public consultation period for the CNES 2021-2025 Equality Outcomes Proposal closes on Friday 26 February 2021.

To help deliver the best service possible for all communities and staff, the Comhairle identify equality outcomes every 4 years. The outcomes proposed for the period 2021 to 2025 focus on how the Comhairle provides services, engages with the community, delivers education and how diverse the Comhairle is as an employer.

Anyone who wishes to participate in the consultation process should complete the Equality Outcomes Survey

The survey gives the opportunity to pass comment on: work and accessibility, living standards, equal opportunities, education, communication, engagement and participation.

A Comhairle spokesperson said, “Your feedback is important and will help shape the equality outcomes, ensuring they have a positive impact in the areas that need them most. The survey can be accessed by anyone, and we are keen to hear from as many people as possible. All responses are completely anonymous, and the survey should take around 10 minutes to complete.”

Comments received will be reviewed and the draft outcomes amended as appropriate. The finalised equality outcomes will be published by 30 April 2021.