Supported Housing Guidance Updated  

Guidance on Supported Housing has been updated as of midnight (Friday 17th December) by the Scottish Government. 

Individuals living in supported housing should continue to be supported to meet with their friends and family within their home.

Recommended measures to more safely enable this include testing, infection prevention and control and  the new guidance regarding limiting the number of households that meet at any one time to a maximum of three households.

This guidance follows the First Minister’s Parliamentary COVID-19 statement this week relating to further population based guidance and measures to stem the flow of transmission of the Omicron variant of SARS-CoV-2.

Specific guidance states that providers of Supported Housing should continue to support indoor visits for their tenants. It is also recommended that there should be no more than two households meeting with a tenant in supported housing at one time. The guidance differs from the guidance for the general public as follows: When socialising at home or in indoor public places individuals should limit the number of households represented in the group to a maximum of three households at any time, with everyone encouraged to take a lateral flow test before meeting.

There is no requirement to cancel any plans already made for tenants’ main festive celebration – whether that takes place on Christmas Day, Christmas Eve, Boxing Day or another day over the festive period.

There are no limits to the number of households gathering for that main celebration. However, to make the festive celebrations as safe as possible:

  • LFD tests should be taken before meeting
  • groups should be kept as small as possible
  • a safe distance should be kept from those not in your household, especially indoors
  • no one with symptoms or in self-isolation should attend
  • good hand hygiene should be practiced
  • rooms should be kept well ventilated

There should be no restrictions on frequency of visiting, unless tenants are self- isolating or there is an outbreak, in which case guidance from test and protect will be followed.

Continue to encourage supported people, unless it would cause harm or distress, and their friends and family to take LFD tests prior to social interactions, as an additional layer of protection to all.