Fireworks Consultation

Use and Sale of Fireworks in Scotland

The Scottish Government is currently seeking views from stakeholders and the public on the introduction of four specific requirements in relation to the sale and use of fireworks in Scotland.

The consultation (Opens in a new window or downloads a file) is seeking views on:

  • Requiring the general public and community groups to meet a number of mandatory conditions before they are able to purchase fireworks.
  • Restricting the days fireworks can be sold too and set off by the general public.
  • Introducing no-fireworks areas where it is not permitted for the general public to set fireworks off.
  • Introducing a proxy purchasing offence to criminalise the supply of fireworks to people under the age of 18.

It also considers the use of pyrotechnic devices and specifically whether it should be an offence to carry a pyrotechnic device in a public place without reasonable excuse or lawful authority.

The consultation (Opens in a new window or downloads a file) can be found on the Scottish Government website, where a written response can be submitted by 15th August 2021.

There you will also find instructions on how to register for the online Fireworks Consultation Engagement Event on Tuesday 10th August 2021 from 18.00 – 20.00.