Bernera Bridge – Turf Cutting

Following the 7.5 tonne weight restriction being placed on the Bernera Bridge in August 2020 the turf cutting which took place today, Tuesday 20th April, marks a significant milestone in the provision of a replacement crossing for the residents of Bernera.

The replacement steel trussed bridge structure is being provided by Mabey Bridge and this will sit on concrete abutments which are part of the civil engineering works being undertaken by Breedon Hebrides.

Construction work on the revised approaches and abutments will precede the delivery of the bridge elements, which will be assembled on site and “pushed” from the south abutment on the Bernera mainland to the north abutment on the Island of Bernera.  The installation, scheduled for June, will be an interesting spectacle for engineers and non-engineers alike.

Completion of the crossing is currently scheduled for the end of July 2021, variable dependent on site conditions.

The Comhairle would like to thank the residents of Bernera for their patience, and all those who are helping maintain essential services to the Island during this period of restricted access.