Trading Standards Reminder

Trading Standards are again reminding residents to be on their guard from Scam callers claiming to be from Bank fraud departments who are monitoring suspicious activity on your account.

A spokesperson said, “We have received complaints from residents  in the islands concerning calls stating their bank cards are  being used to make purchases from mainland shops.

The callers uses this narrative to put you under pressure so that you are then more likely to give them personal information such as account and pin numbers, sort codes and mobile phone numbers.

Trading Standards advise that you do not engage with the callers no matter how professional or convincing they sound. You should take control of the situation by ending the call.

If you are at all concerned regarding the possibility of unauthorised use of your card, wait for at least 5 minutes before calling your bank and if possible use a different phone.”

 You can report scam calls to Trading standards on 01851 822694