Comhairle Live COVID Cèilidhs Programme


On Saturday 9th May, host Iain “Costello” Maciver will be joined by local musicians for the second broadcast of e-Cèilidh – a production by the Comhairle’s Education department.

Livestreamed fortnightly on Saturdays at 7.30pm, e-Cèilidh will be available to watch live online through the new dedicated e-Cèilidh website.

Every fortnight the cèilidh will feature one host performing live items as well as introducing pre-recorded video contributions from other musicians and members of the local community. 

Contributions are invited from members of the local community of any age, to give the events a true community involvement feel. These contributions should be a maximum of 5 minutes in length and can be in any musical genre.

Each e-Cèilidh will include items from a mix of musical genres with scope to have genre specific nights as the bank of musical contributions grows.

Live Facebook Cèilidhs

In addition to the e-Cèilidh, the Comhairle is hosting live Facebook Cèilidhs every Friday and Saturday evening from 9pm, with various local artists.

The programme for the next weeks is as follows:

Friday 8th May at 9pm – Iain “Spanish” Mackay

Saturday 9th May at 7:30pm - e-Cèilidh with host iain “Costello” Maciver

Saturday 9th May at 9pm - Iain “Tosh” Macintosh

Please join us then!