Pupil Attendance at School Buildings from 23rd March

Following the national school closure, the Scottish Government has set three criteria for pupils who can continue to attend in schools. The expectation is that the absolute minimum of pupils attend at school and the presumption is for non-attendance unless the following criteria are met.

  • Key Workers:
    The children of key workers where there is no alternative childcare available to them. This includes key staff working in NHS, social care, emergency services, school & education and any workers in energy, transport and infrastructure roles whose work is critical to maintaining services during the crisis.

    The Comhairle is working with health and social care and emergency planning colleagues to identify eligible staff and provision will be made for identified staff only.

    To allow time to do this, we ask that, from Monday, parents self-identify at schools if they consider themselves to be eligible for this provision.

    If you are not on a list already identified by your employer as a critical employee, you will need to contact your employer or line manager to ask them to contact the Education & Children’s Services Department.
  • Vulnerable Pupils:
    Where it has been identified by Comhairle officers that a child is considered to be vulnerable, based on the advice from Scottish Government, that child will be able to attend school. Comhairle staff have been in contact with those who are eligible and, if you have not had contact from us, you should not attend.

    If you feel that you are eligible but have not been contacted, please contact the Education, Skills & Children’s Services Department on Monday.
  • S4-6 Pupils:
    Pupils have the option to attend to complete outstanding coursework, if they need to do so. Any such arrangements have been discussed and intimated to pupils before they left school today.

    Further information is available on the Director’s Blog

    Link : Livestream discussion on Coronavirus Planning (No Longer Available)