Weather Warning - Thunderstorms

The Met Office has issued a yellow warning for thunderstorms in the Western Isles. The Met Office weather warning covers Thursday 25 June and Friday 26 June, with a return to normal weather expected on Saturday 27 June.

As always thunderstorms bring several potential risks that the public should be aware of. Intense showers can result in significant amounts of surface water, which may impact driving conditions and pose a slight risk of flooding. Lightning and hail also bring the risk of temporary disruption to utilities and some structural damage.

Met Office guidance for staying Stay safe in thunder and lightning and travelling in thunderstorms can be found via the following links.

Stay Safe in Thunder and Lightning

Travelling in storms, rain and strong wind

SSEN is urging people to not approach any damage to its equipment and instead, report it to SSEN by calling 105 or via its Power Track App and engineers will investigate as soon as possible.