Comhairle Marine Notice

Due to the COVID-10 health crisis and in light of recent government announcements, there is now a need to impose control measures on vessel movements and implement restrictions on normal open port access to Comhairle nan Eilean Siar ports, harbours and facilities.

Protecting our communities being a priority for the Comhairle, mariners are informed that with immediate effect the following restrictions are now in force at all CNES facilities.

Open port access to all Comhairle ports, harbours and facilities is now closed to all non-essential vessels. These specifically include recreational vessels:

For clarity the government advice stands for waterborne activity just as for shore side activity, “Stay at home, only go outside for essential food, health and work reasons”.

Comhairle facilities remain open to the following essential vessel traffic:

  • Lifeline ferries
  • Local fishing and Fish Farm vessels or those only landing catch or taking on supplies
  • Commercial ships operated in support of local communities
  • Vessels seeking a port of refuge
  • Marine casualties or other similar emergencies
  • Medivacs

For further information please contact the Harbour Master on:

This notice will remain in force until further notice