Trading Standards Warning Over Dangerous Goods

CNES Trading Standards have destroyed dangerous goods which were seized from doorstep sellers visiting the islands over the last year.

The haul, estimated to be worth over £1000, included generators, power washers and chainsaws, was seized by Police and Trading Standards Officers.

The items have now been crushed at the Comhairle’s waste disposal site at Bennadrove and the metals will be sent on to a mainland recycling plant.

Inspector Jane Nicolson from Police Scotland, said “The seizure of these dangerous items demonstrates the value of partnership working by Police Scotland and Trading Standards in the Western Isles.

“I would take the opportunity to remind people not to deal with people who arrive on their doorsteps unannounced offering goods or services.  Always be sure of who you are dealing with and if you have concerns please report them to us by calling 101.

“I would also encourage people to watch out for neighbours and family members - the people who carry out crimes such as this are unscrupulous and will target vulnerable people.

Inspector Jane Nicolson from Police Scotland and Cllr Kenny John Macleod, Chairman of the Comhairle’s Communities and Housing Committee at the Bennadrove disposal site.

“Put simply, if a deal seems too good to be true then there is a very good chance it is not what it seems."

Cllr Kenny John Macleod, Chairman of the Comhairle’s Communities and Housing Committee, added: “The seized goods could have posed a serious safety risk to residents. Goods which do not comply with safety regulations may result in overheating, catching fire, electrical shocks and could cause serious injury or death.

“I would encourage everyone to display Doorstoppers signage to discourage unscrupulous sellers. The signage is available from Comhairle offices. If someone knocks on your door offering what appears to be too good a bargain, then it usually is.”