Outer Hebrides Community Partnership Progress Review

The Outer Hebrides Community Planning Partnership (OHCPP) has published an annual progress review for 2018/19.

The Review provides an overview of what the OHCPP have achieved in the Outer Hebrides over the past year.

The OHCPP is made up of a wide range of public agency partners and community and third sector bodies who work together to deliver collective ambitions for the future of the islands.

The Community Empowerment (Scotland) Act 2015 brought about a number of changes about how Community Planning works including the duties to; Prepare a Local outcomes Improvement Plan (LOIP); Locality Planning in the Outer Hebrides; and Review and Report publicly on progress with the LOIP and Locality Plans.

The LOIP identifies three key priorities for the next decade – Sustainable Population, Sustainable Economy and Improving Quality of Life. 2 areas, Stornoway West and North Uist and Benbecula have been identified for the first Locality Plans.  

Chair of the OHCPP, Cllr Norman A Macdonald said: “It is important to let our communities know what is happening in the work of the OHCPP.  Our communities face major challenges in terms of the economy and our population set against a background of financial restraint and reducing resources. 

The OHCPP is committed to working together in partnership with our communities to create transformational change and achieve a sustainable population, with a vibrant economy and great quality of life.”

The OHCPP Review is available on the OHCPP Website (Opens in a new window or downloads a file).