Speak Out Group - SMILE Project

Comhairle Chamber in Stornoway

The Comhairle Chamber in Stornoway was packed yesterday afternoon, Tuesday 7th March 2018, for a joint meeting of the Adult Protection Committee, the Child Protection Committee, Public Protection Chief Office Group and the Domestic Abuse Forum along with the Speak Out Group. Each of the committees are made up of people from various organisations who aim to oversee measures that are taken to protect people in the Western Isles from abuse. Abuse covers:

  • Neglect;
  • Sexual exploitation;
  • Physical violence;
  • Financial exploitation; and
  • Many other ways in which the quality of lives can be affected

The programme for the event was led by the Speak Out Group through the SMILE Project. The aim of the SMILE Project is entertainment with a serious message.

Malcolm Smith, Chairman of the Western Isles Adult Protection Committee, said: "Although communication is a central part of our work, we are not as good as we should be. We all need to engage more with people who have special support requirements, whether through learning disabilities or other vulnerability. The central aims of the event were to help our communities to develop communication skills and methods, to bring service users and potential users more closely into the work we are engaged in and to help draft information, whether by leaflet or online, in ways that reach out to a wider public.

This was a very beneficial event and I hope that everyone who attended gained a better understanding of the challenges of communication, and the work that we can take forward in the future."