Warning over Euromillions Scam

CNES Trading standards  are advising residents not to respond to a scam Euromillions Commonwealth Lottery letter currently in circulation in  the islands.

The letter “notifies” that you have won £490,000 in a Dublin lottery, the letter has an Australian address and a Gold Coast 2018 logo on the top right hand corner.

A spokesperson said, “This appears to be a scam designed to get the recipient to respond so that the scammers can get hold of your personal information and  bank details. So far all the letters we have seen have the same dates, reference and ID numbers“

The spokesperson added, “By responding to the sender, even without passing on any financial information, your contact with them may result in you receiving further scam letters in the future. Our advice is to destroy the letter without replying as there is no prize waiting to be claimed”.

If you are unsure if a letter you receive is a scam, ask a friend or family member for their advice, or contact Trading Standards CNES on 01851 822694.