Knitting Group Create Stunning Poppy Display

A group of pupils in The Nicolson Institute have been working on knitting poppies over the last month under the tutorship of teacher, Alison Macdonald.

Two weeks ago they only had 15 completed, so asked for some help to reach their target of 201 poppies to represent the 201 lives which were lost on HMY Iolaire on 1st January 1919. With the great level of interest shown in the project, through support from staff and the community, the total number of poppies knitted has now soared over 400. The poppies are all now attached to a net and it is anticipated that the stunning display will form a prominent part of the Iolaire Commemoration events at New Year.

Teacher Alison Macdonald who led the project said, “We are just overwhelmed with the support from within the school and also from the local community. It’s an amazing example of the power of a simple idea and also the way in which this year of remembrance of the ‘Iolaire’ disaster especially has brought a huge reaction from the Island community. The Islands very obviously want to remember and want to show that they honour the memory of those who lost their lives defending the country in time of war.”

The Nicolson Institute Rector, Frances Murray, commented: “The completed display is a simple but extremely powerful symbol of remembrance. Our pupils continue to make us proud in so many ways, and their work on this project is another example of this.”