Eilean Siar 2017 SQA Results

2017 SQA data, released today, indicates that percentages in Eilean Siar achieving National 5 in S4 are higher than the national figure. 85.98% achieved National 5 in Eilean Siar, whereas the national pass rate was 79.5%.

Percentage passes at Higher are in line with the national pass rate. 77.75% in Eilean Siar achieved an A-C pass, compared with 77% nationally.

Overall, there is a slight decrease in the numbers and passes in the Senior Phase (S4-S6), largely due to increasing numbers who opt for vocational qualifications.

Results show that, at S4 National 5 (*SCQF level 5) there were 977 presentations and 85.98% A-C passes in 2017, compared with 1156 presentations and 89.45% passes in 2016.

At S5/6 Higher level (SCQF level 6) there were 944 presentations and 77.75% passes in 2017, compared with 957 presentations and 81.09% passes in 2016.

Advanced Higher (SCQF level 6) results show an increase in the number of presentations, from 92 in 2016 to 101 in 2017. Percentage passes indicate a slight decline from 77.17% in 2016 to 76.24% in 2017.

Across the authority, at all levels, there were 3,096 presentations and 2,583 awards in 2017, representing an 83.43% pass rate, compared with 3,266 presentations, 2,846 awards and a percentage pass rate of 87.14 in 2016. Officers in the department are currently analysing each school’s data to identify areas of underperformance which may have contributed to the overall decline.

Figures do not include attainment in vocational courses.  National data published in March 2017, indicates that 31.2% of learners in Eilean Siar achieved one or more vocational qualifications at SCQF level 5 or above, representing the highest level in Scotland.

Results will be reported to the Education and Children’s Services Committee in September. Any parents or pupils involved in this year’s examinations, who have queries regarding the results, should contact their local school directly. Further information about the qualifications system, attainment and achievement, is available on the National Parent Forum of Scotland (») website.

The authority appreciates the hard work of teaching staff and pupils and would also like to thank administrative staff in schools for their diligence in processing SQA data.

*SCQF – Scottish Credit and Qualifications Framework