Grant Aid

The Lewis & Harris Sports Council will administer the following scheme of grant aid on behalf of Comhairle nan Eilean Siar and Western Isles Health Board.

Comhairle nan Eilean Siar and Western Isles Health Board wish to encourage sports clubs and organisations to join and participate in the activities of the Sports Council.

Grants will therefore only be available to affiliated and paid-up members of the Sports Council.

The grants policy is geared towards providing  support to local sports clubs and organisations, and in certain circumstances to individuals who are members of the Lewis & Harris Sports Council.  Applications will be considered from clubs/organisations/individuals which have been affiliated to the local Sports Council for at least 3 months (except for clubs who are applying for start-up grants).

Application forms and previous years' awards are available below. 

Application forms should be completed and returned to the LHSC Secretary

New Max Awards up until the Sports Council AGM 31 July 2023

What Categories Of Grant Aid Are Available?

To apply for a grant the following scheme has been created - the headings are as listed.

Start-up Grants

Start-up grants of up to £150 may be available to recently formed clubs which have a constitution.  Applicants must demonstrate a commitment towards the success of the club, provide a detailed outline of the club’s aims and objectives and submit properly costed information on how they propose to use the grant.

Clubs in receipt of a start-up grant must maintain their membership of the local Sports Council.  If they do not, reimbursement of the start-up grant may be sought.

Coach Education Courses

The aim of Coach Education grants is to supplement rather than replace voluntary effort.  Applicants will be expected therefore to show evidence of their regular commitment to their chosen sport.  Successful applicants may also be required to undertake a minimum number of coaching sessions as a condition of the grant being awarded.

Coach Education Courses (Western Isles)

Grant aid up to a maximum of £1200 or 80% (whichever is the lesser amount) may be available for the payment of coaching fees for sports clubs or associations staging a Coach Education course in the Western Isles leading to a recognised National Governing Body coaching or refereeing/officiating award.  The grant will include travel, course fees, tutor fees and accommodation costs.

Coach Education Courses (Mainland)

Grant aid up to a maximum of £750 or 80% (whichever is the lesser amount) may be available for attending coaching courses on the mainland.  Grants will be awarded to individuals’ resident and belonging to an affiliated club based in the Sports Councils area who are seeking to obtain a recognised National Governing Body coaching or refereeing/officiating award.  The grant will include travel, course fees and accommodation costs.

Sports Equipment Grants

Grants up to a maximum of £1350 or 80% (whichever is the lesser amount) may be available to member clubs/organisations for the purchase of equipment which becomes the property of the club.

Clubs/organisations will be expected to insure items of equipment purchased with grant aid.

Grants will not be available for personal items such as team clothing, tracksuits, strips, etc.

Applicants will be expected to explore all other alternative sources of funding so that no duplication of facility is awarded.  Grants will only be made on presentation of the appropriate quotation(s) or invoices.

Sports Coaching Development Grants

The purpose of sports coaching development grants is to assist club/organisations in the organisation of coaching courses which will improve the performance of participants.

Grant aid up to a maximum of £900 or 80% (whichever is the lesser amount) may be available for coaching courses which are organised under the auspices of the National Governing Body and which are under the direction of a recognised NGB coach.  The grant will include travel, accommodation and tutor’s fees.

Sports Events

Grant aid up to a maximum of £450 or 80% (whichever is the lesser amount) may be available for the promotion of events which support and encourage increased participation in sport and set individuals on the pathway to excellence e.g. youth development, disabled, come and try, mini-festivals, local or District events etc.


The purpose of excellence grants is to support individual/team participants living within the Western Isles who have received regional, sub-national or national recognition.  Other levels of participation will be considered at the discretion of the Executive Committee.  Applications may be considered for individuals attending training or competitions in events associated with teams or squads. Individuals from affiliated clubs who have achieved any of the above may apply for an excellence grant through their club/organisation.

Each application must be supported by a letter from the National Governing Body or equivalent information accepted by the office bearers for the sport concerned.

The maximum cumulative grant available to an individual in one financial year will not exceed £750 or 80% (whichever is the lesser amount) for national level or £450 or 80% (whichever is the lesser amount) for sub-national or regional level.

Where more than one individual from an affiliated club/organisation is involved, the maximum grant assistance to that club shall not normally exceed £1500 in any one year 80% (whichever is the lesser amount).

Discretionary Assistance

Applications for grant aid up to a maximum of £750 or 80% (whichever is the lesser amount) of total costs may be considered at the Executive Committee’s discretion for sports development activities or initiatives not covered by the above categories.

Youth and Young Persons (YYP) - Funded by the Crown Estate

Reviewed after Sports Council AGM October 2022

To access the YYP travel scheme you need to be a constituted voluntary club/organisation with a youth & young person’s section or a youth/young person affiliated to the Lewis & Harris Sports Council.  Applications for Youth & Young Persons Travel Scheme up to a maximum of £3000 or 90% (whichever is the lesser amount) may be available. Each grant application will be considered on merit and final decisions will be taken by the local Sports Council Executive Committee.

YYP General Terms and Conditions

Application Deadlines

Applications for grant-aid are considered by the Secretary or Office Bearers of the Sports Council and approved by the Executive Committee.  Applications for grant will be considered at meetings of the Executive Committee held in Nov, Jan, March, June, and August and must be submitted to the Secretary of the Sports Council at least 7 days prior to the Executive Committee meeting.

An application for grant aid which is submitted after the grant aid deadline will only be considered by the Executive Committee in extenuating circumstances.

In order to allow time for grants to be processed applicants should endeavour to submit applications for grant aid at least six weeks prior to the event/course taking place.

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Grant Aid General Terms and Conditons

Grant Aid Forms