Coach Education

This section will help you understand the coaching landscape in Scotland and give you information no matter how you are involved in coaching, from a club leader wanting to understand how to employ coaches or as a coach yourself looking to find out about further qualifications.

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The Sportscotland app offers a range of resources for coaches, with videos and podcasts covering topics such as multi skills, physical literacy, psychology, and combined skills. You'll also receive notifications of CPD opportunities, news stories and other useful information. 

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Many governing body programmes deliver regulated qualifications; meaning they meet an agreed set of standards. Each sport's programme varies, depending on the nature of the sport. For example, face-to-face ‘classroom’ element of a Level 1 course can take from two to four days to complete, with added time for assessment, putting your learning into practice and gaining experience.  The cost and length of courses differs from sport to sport too.


You don't need a formal qualification to assist another coach in a club so don't let that stop you getting involved.  Qualifications are not required to start your coaching journey.


You don’t need a formal qualification to assist a qualified coach, but before getting involved in coaching you need to have the paper work for a PVG . 

Local Coach Education Information!

For further information contact the Community Sports Development officer – Tel 01851 822785 or email