Updates to Entrance, Access and Gym

Entrance and Access

We have created a queueing system at the main entrance to make sure that we can safely mange the flow of customers into the building.

Each activity has a staggered start time and we would ask customers to arrive as close to the start time of their booked activity to reduce wait times especially if the weather isn’t very kind!

A member of staff will be on hand to let you know when you are able to come into the building.  We would ask all customers aged 12 and over, to please wear your face mask when not taking part in an activity and moving around the building.

There will be a hand sanitiser station at the main entrance and we would be very grateful if all customers used this as they enter.

If you can then confirm your booking at Reception and make your way to your booked activity, that would be great!  By registering your booking we will have an accurate log of customers should we ever need to help with the ‘Test and Protect’ system.

ISL Floor Markings

ISL Front Door


We are delighted that the Gym at Ionad Spòrs Leòdhais will reopen at 4pm on Wednesday 2nd September.  Customers will be able to Book Online (Opens in a new window or downloads a file) from 12pm on Tuesday 1st September. 

The Gym will be open from 4pm – 10pm and all day Saturday for the first three weeks of reopening to ensure that the facility can support the rapidly changing guidance for physical activity for school pupils, which has been prioritised by The Scottish Government.

The capacity of the Gym will be reduced in Phase 3 of the Government’s roadmap to ensure social distancing and ventilation criteria are met. 

There will be 11 slots available for Cardio training and 4 slots for Strength Training in each 40 minute session.  One slot in each section will be retained for phone bookings for those without access to the internet, again phone bookings can be made from 12pm the previous day.  This slot will become available online 30 minutes before each session if it has not been booked over the phone.  There will be staff on hand to guide customers on how to access the building etc.

  • Slots will be 40 mins for Cardio and Strength sessions; there will be 11 slots available for Cardio training and 4 for Strength training.  To ensure user numbers are kept to a safe level, it won’t be possible to move from one area to the other within the same session.
  • If you have booked a Cardio session we would ask that you limit your use of any one piece of equipment to twenty minutes.
  • If you have booked a Strength session, please be aware of the other users and ensure that equipment is shared as fairly as possible within the time available.  For example, this could mean alternating sets with another user etc with a ‘wipe down’ in between.
  • Slots will be bookable from 4pm the previous evening initially.  One slot for Cardio and one slot for strength training sessions will be retained for booking over the phone for those without access to a smartphone or the internet. These will be made available online if they are not booked by 60 mins prior to the session.  Please do not try to book over the phone unless you are in this category – for example, if you have a mobile phone number and e-mail address recorded on your membership record, it will be obvious to our Admin team that in all likelihood you don’t meet this criteria and they can politely not accept a booking on that basis!
  • The equipment has been moved to make sure social distancing guidelines are being followed.
  • We have placed some equipment temporarily into the Squash Courts to give us more capacity.
  • Please come ready to train with the minimum of belongings and if you do need to use a locker, you will notice that we have removed a number of keys to enforce social distancing.
  • Please bring your own water as drinking fountains will not be available.
  • It won’t be possible to take a towel into the gym – there will be a plentiful supply of paper tissue available.
  • Changing rooms and showers are currently not accessible.
  • There will be a single Male and Female toilet available – we would ask customers to make sure that only one user is in the toilet area at a time; even though there may be more than cubicle etc in the space to maintain social distancing.
  • The windows and doors will be open to improve ventilation.
  • Please wipe all the equipment that you touch and use during your session – cleaning materials will be provided
  • There are hand sanitising stations around the gym area – please make use of them.
  • You will notice additional cleaning staff while using the area to help keep equipment hygienic.

ISL Gym Doorway

ISL Gym One Way System

ISL Gym Wide Angle