Outdoor Learning

The Outdoor Learning Team is part of Education and sits within the Sport and Health Section. They describe their role as helping and encouraging people, particularly teachers and school staff to take learning outside.

This includes:

  • Delivering twilight and in-service training to teaching staff, to help them achieve the General Teaching Council for Scotland’s standards for Career Long Professional Development (CLPL) on Outdoor Learning and Learning for Sustainability
  • Working alongside teaching staff to deliver Outdoor Education and Learning in and around the school estate
  • Working with teaching staff to take learning into the environment beyond the school estate and into the islands unique natural surroundings
  • Leading sessions on Learning for Sustainability with staff and/or pupils
  • Working with nurseries and playgroups to help them improve their provision of Outdoor Learning in line with Scottish Government guidelines
  • Providing resources and tools for teaching Outdoor Learning and Learning for Sustainability
  • Working with the voluntary sector, including clubs, to improve access, develop and increase participation in outdoor activities
  • Training an Outdoor Apprentice for a career in Outdoor Education
  • Active involvement in the Scottish Advisory Panel for Outdoor Education (SAPOE), currently holding the vice-chair position
  • Running the Comhairle’s Royal Yachting Association dingy sailing school
  • Holding the Adventurous Activities Licence for the Comhairle

Follow the Outdoor Learning Team at https://blogs.glowscotland.org.uk/es/outdoorlearning/ (Opens in a new window or downloads a file)