General Information

What is a Community Sport Hub?

Community sport hubs provide a home for sport

They bring together sport clubs and community organisations who want to develop and grow the sporting offering in the community.

They focus on sustainable, community-led approaches that get clubs working together to develop welcoming, safe and fun environments for sport.

Community sport hubs are National Lottery funded and are one of SportScotland's (Opens in a new window or downloads a file) key programmes which contributes to Legacy and supports local sport clubs to play their part in a world class sporting system.

A community sport hub is focused on the clubs around a sports centre, community centre, school, park or a playing field pavilion.  In some cases a community sport hub combines a number of these places, or it may simple centre on a single-venue hosting many clubs. The 'hub' is essentially a collective of progressive sport clubs and community organisations working together in a local community.

How Do Community Sport Hubs Work?

Each community sport hub is unique and develops its own vision and values in a clear and simple plan. The common thread that binds all hubs together is that they work to be sustainable, and they follow these five principles:

  • Growth in participation
  • Understanding community need
  • Supporting community leadership
  • Offering a range of sports
  • Ensuring all the right people are working together

Each hub will vary in its model and structure but all should involve local groups and organisations such as:

Community Sport Hub Structure
  • Sport Development
  • Schools and Education
  • Facility Providers
  • Active School
  • Community Leadership
  • Young People
  • Clubs

The community sport hub officer plays a fundamental role in bringing key people together. Working in partnership helps to develop community sport hubs and clubs in a sustainable way.

What Do Community Sport Hubs Aim to Achieve?

Community sport hubs created simple and clear plans to deliver sporting opportunities within communities, based on local need. Some of the outcomes that community sport hub officers work towards are noted below.


Raise the awareness and prole of community sport hubs in the local community. Share and promote opportunities to participate in community sport hubs. Celebrate the success of community sport hubs in local communities.


Support the community sport hub workforce to develop their knowledge, skills and behaviours. Recruit, retain and develop volunteers to maintain sustainable community sport hubs. Encourage and support community sport hubs to o ffer leadership opportunities to young people in a range of roles including decision makers, deliverers/coaches, event/competition organisers and technical officials.


Engage with the community to understand local need. Offer a range of sporting opportunities for people to take part in sport.  Support and develop active sporting pathways between schools, education and club sport.  Engage with people who may experience barriers to participation to support their inclusion in activity.