Frequently Asked Questions 2023/24

Applications Closed

What is the Athlete Travel Award Scheme?

The Athlete Travel Award Scheme (ATAS) supports travel costs for Highlands and Islands competitors to help talented athletes gain better access to competitive and developmental opportunities available across Scotland. Successful applicants benefit from up to £1,500 to support travel and accommodation costs in attending training and competitions.  The overall standard of applicants is consistently very high and this guide to frequently asked questions should help you to prepare your application. Please read this to help you complete your application and get in touch with your ATAS facilitator if you have further questions.

Your local ATAS facilitator, will be happy to help and can be contacted using the details below:

Western Isles

Euan Macleod

How long is the application window open?

The application will open online on Monday 14 August 2023 and will close on Wednesday 6 September 2024.

What is the format of application for 2023-24?

On review of the 2021/22 application process, it was agreed that having two rounds of applications for each 12 month period would best serve the athletes of the Outer Hebrides. Athletes will be able to apply for both the 1st (April – September) and 2nd (October – March 2024) six month period applications, or just one, depending on their competition calendar.

Pre- Application Guidance

Can I apply for both the 1st & 2nd round of applications for the 2023 - 24 period?

Yes, you can apply for up to £750 for both the 1st & 2nd round of applications.  On both occasions you must evidence your upcoming competition & training season to justify the amount you are applying for. Please ensure both applications are as detailed and thorough as possible.  You can also just apply for one of the grant periods if your feel your competition season falls in that period only.

If I am successful in the 1st application, am I guaranteed to be successful in the 2nd?

No. Your 2nd application must follow the same process as the 1st. It must be as detailed and evidence high level competition and training camps for this period as well as the 1st.

Can I Get advice and help on what I need to include in the application prior to submission?

Yes, please. As early as possible in the process contact your local ATAS facilitator who will be happy to offer you guidance.  We also strongly advise your Sports Coach works with you through-out the application process - their knowledge will be vital in ensuring your application meets the required standard.

I was turned down for ATAS funding previously, can I apply again?

Yes, you are welcome to re-apply. Please check that you meet the eligibility criteria and if so, then please apply.

I previously received ATAS funding and achieved all my goals but was unsuccessful last year, should I still apply this time?

Yes, you are welcome to re-apply. It’s a very competitive scheme and the standard of application is rising each year so to be consistent and fair to all applicants, we do not take any previous grant applications into account, successful or otherwise.  Please ensure you fill in the form to the best of your abilities based on your latest information rather than relying on your previous application. Remember your local ATAS facilitator will be happy to provide help and advice with your application.

I received ATAS funding last year but didn’t achieve all my goals - can I still apply?

Yes, you are welcome to apply again. To ensure consistency and to be fair to all applicants only look at live applications from the relevant period and do not take previous applications into consideration.

I have applied to university which starts in September, can I still apply for ATAS?

Yes, but please refer to the eligibility guidelines before completing your application to ensure that you still meet the criteria.  Your local ATAS facilitator will be happy to help.

Can I apply again if I have already received ATAS funding and how many times can I do so?

Yes.  If you meet the eligibility criteria you can apply as many times as you want.  We do not take past applications into account, whether they were successful or not.

Application Guidance

Can I send attachments to support my application?

No. Unfortunately, we can’t accept attachments, with the exception of your training schedule.  Please ensure that you include all of your information in the application form.  Your ATAS facilitator can provide advice and guidance, if required.

Can my coach/parent apply on my behalf?

Yes.  Although the application should be filled in and led by you (the applicant) we highly recommend your Coach works with you through-out the application process to ensure it is as detailed and thorough as possible.

Can I Submit supporting statements?

No. Supporting statements are not required with the initial application form.  We will contact your coach directly, once you have given us permission to do so.

What Happens Next?

Does everyone who applies get an award?

No. We receive a high number of applications each year and the standard is very high. This is a competitive process and only a small number of applicants will be successful. However, if you are not successful on this occasion, we would encourage you to apply again next year, provided you still meet the criteria.

Can I appeal the decision?

No. The decision taken by the panel is final, however, we are happy to provide feedback and clarification on how the decision was reached (this will also strengthen any future applications). Please contact your ATAS facilitator for more information.

What happens if I don’t achieve my goals/targets?

We will review your progress at quarterly intervals and will discuss your goals and targets with you at these points.

Can I include more goals for each year?

We are only looking for your priority goals which will be agreed as part of the application process. These should be: S(pecific) M(easurable) A(chievable) R(elevant) T(ime-bound) goals. Please do not add any additional goals.

What happens if I miss my review meeting?

Reviewing progress is an important part of the scheme to ensure that you are getting the right support.  If you do not attend your review meeting, we will not be able to assess your progress and therefore will be unable to release the remainder of the funds.

Am I guaranteed to receive the amount I have applied for once I have been granted the funding?

No, the amount of funding you receive will be determined by a local panel and can be up to the amount of £750.  The amount granted will be based around the training and competition schedule you have submitted as well as the estimated costs.

Do I need to detail my expenditure?

While we don’t need you to submit receipts, we do expect you to keep a log of all travel and accommodation for the year in line with your application.

Does my coach need to be involved?

Yes, we expect coaches to be engaged throughout the process.  We know that the scheme is most successful where coaches and athletes have both been part of the interim review process.