Heritage Service

The Heritage Service comprises the Museum, Archive and Archaeology services of the Comhairle.  Our collections and information are held in trust for the community now and in the future and we have a duty to make these accessible to everyone, enabling people to access and explore the rich cultural heritage of the Islands.

The heritage of the Outer Hebrides encompasses: 

  • Collections of museum artefacts and archives
  • Intangible cultural heritage - stories, traditions and genealogy – intrinsically connected with the Gaelic language
  • The historic environment

We underpin and promote the islands’ heritage by:

  • Collecting, documenting, preserving and opening up the collections through exhibitions and activities for all audiences
  • Providing a platform for local communities and visitors to engage with collections, including those on loan from national collections
  • Curating, managing and preserving the historic environment
  • Supporting community heritage organisations (the Comainn Eachdraidh and others) by sharing skills, expertise and best practice regarding the professional care and documentation of collections

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