Outer Hebrides Community Cultural Network

Outer Hebrides Craft and Visual Arts Development

In September 2009, 5 craft-makers from the Uists, Lewis and Harris joined the CnES Arts Development Officer on a Crafts Research Trip to Orkney. The main aims of the research trip were:

  • To make recommendations for future Crafts Development in the Outer Hebrides.
  • To provide a personal training opportunity to each of the participants.
  • To gather information and learning to the benefit of Outer Hebrides Crafts Groups.
  • To research ways to develop craft and associated marketing from an island perspective.

The group had an inspiring journey around the Orkney Designer Crafts Trail, attended a Makers’ Day at the Pier Arts Centre, along with craft makers from Orkney and Shetland, and returned with a series of recommendations for crafts and visual arts development in the Outer Hebrides.

Outer Hebrides Crafts Research Trip to Orkney (4.0MB)

Recommendations for Crafts Development in the Outer Hebrides (27.8kB)


Elsie Mitchell: Arts Development Officer: emitchell@cne-siar.gov.uk