Temporary Accommodation

If you are assessed as homeless the Comhairle has a duty to provide you with temporary accommodation and advice and assistance.

If you are priority homeless you may remain in temporary accommodation until permanent accommodation is provided for you, either through the Comhairle or private rent.

Non-priority homeless applicants are entitled to temporary accommodation for a reasonable period of time in order to secure your own accommodation. This will usually be for a maximum of 6 months.

We want  your stay in temporary accommodation to be as comfortable and stress-free as possible. With this in mind we have prepared some useful information which you may wish to keep at hand in your accommodation.

You are entitled to appeal any offer of temporary accommodation made to you if you do not believe it to be a reasonable offer.

If you have not completed a Housing Benefit Application for your temporary accommodation please do so as soon as possible.  You will need to provide evidence to back up your application. It is important that you do this or your rent will not be covered.

You will be responsible for meeting any shortfall between housing benefit awarded and your rent. If you are working you should start making some payments towards your rent until your housing benefit claim has been processed.

If you are staying in Bed and Breakfast accommodation and are working you will be expected to contribute towards the costs. If you do not make regular payments you are in danger of losing this accommodation.

All rent is inclusive of council tax,  furnishings, TV licences, grounds   maintenance and heating. If you are  awarded housing benefit you will still  have to pay a small weekly charge for  your electricity as this is not included  in housing benefit awards.

Telephones are not provided in homeless accommodation. If you require a landline telephone you must ask for permission. Any telephone installed will be entirely your responsibility and you must disconnect any line before you leave.

Pets are not generally permitted (with the exception of guide dogs). If you wish to have a pet you must ask for permission.

All tenants should have access to a washing machine. If you do not have this facility (e.g. because it is not provided by a B&B) please contact the Homelessness Service immediately for further advice.

All furnishings provided in your accommodation are the property of the Comhairle (except for B&Bs). An inventory will be taken of all furnishings before and at the end of your tenancy. You will be expected to replace anything wilfully damaged or removed.

During your stay you are expected to keep your accommodation clean and in good condition. If anything needs repaired please contact the Homelessness Service on the number overleaf, or the out of hours number (in emergencies only).

The Homeless Support Officer will visit you regularly to ensure that your time in temporary accommodation runs smoothly. You will be assisted with any needs you might have (such as cooking, budgeting etc.) as well as helped to find more permanent accommodation for yourself if required.

Please respect all your neighbours. Noise levels should be kept to a satisfactory level, especially at night. If you cause a nuisance your tenancy is in danger.

We want you to feel secure and comfortable in your accommodation   but please remember this is a temporary arrangement (usually for a   maximum of 6 months). If you are not   assessed as priority homeless you must take steps to find your own accommodation.

The Homelessness Service is here to assist you. Please do not hesitate to ask for help with any matter if required. Homelessness Service staff are there to help you. It might be difficult for you to discuss the circumstances leading to your homelessness but it is important for you to be honest and not hide any information. It might make all the difference to your chances of being housed. You are entitled to bring a friend or support worker with you to any interview.

You will be notified in writing of our decision when we have completed our enquiries. You can Appeal against any decision made and any offer of accommodation made. Information on the appeals procedure is available on request.

Homelessness Legislation is complex. We provide some General Guidance.