Supplementary Guidance for Caravans, Huts and Temporary Buildings

We Asked

In June 2021 we asked for your views on revised Draft Supplementary Guidance for Caravans, Huts and Temporary Buildings, which is statutory policy guidance linked to the Outer Hebrides Local Development Plan (2018). The consultation was launched on the Comhairle’s website and e-forms for respondents to submit representations were provided online. We placed public notices in local newspapers (Stornoway Gazette, Am Paipear, Guth Bharraidh) throughout the Outer Hebrides to advertise the consultation and provided links to the consultation page on the Comhairles ‘Whats New’ page and ‘E-Sgire’ community resource website. We sent out email notifications to a comprehensive list of key agencies and stakeholders, which included community councils and trusts.

You Said

Representations were received from 5 consultees across a number of issues; 2 were independent responses and 3 were from public bodies. Comments received included: dissatisfaction with the time-limiting nature of permissions for caravans; request to include reference to wider LDP policies on Natural Heritage; request for links to further sources of information in Annex E; request for strengthening of policy with reference to National Scenic Areas and their Special Qualities; request to detail the need for management plans to help protect and enhance natural heritage and landscape interests; dissatisfaction with the required spaces between caravans units detailed in Annex D (an environmental health requirement relating to caravan site licensing); queries regarding the spatial strategy in relation to non-residential huts and caravans, and; typos and wording suggestions. 

We Did

The feedback was invaluable and a number of amends were subsequently made to the document, largely around clarity of wording and policy; and though the addition of links to further sources of information. If you would like to be informed of future policy revisions in relation to this or any other Development Plan document, please contact the Development Plan team on 01851 822690 or e-mail

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The purpose of statutory Supplementary Guidance is to provide more detail than might normally be included in the Local Development Plan (LDP). Where linked to a Development Plan, Supplementary Guidance has statutory status under section 22 of the Planning etc. (Scotland) Act 2006. During the preparation of the current LDP (2018), a number of areas for review or updating were identified through monitoring and public consultation in relation to this guidance. A formal review of the Supplementary Guidance was initiated in 2020 and a public consultation of the Draft Revised Supplementary Guidance was conducted over the summer of 2021.

What Happens Next

The Supplementary Guidance has now been approved by Scottish Ministers for formal adoption as part of the Outer Hebrides Local Development Plan. The Supplementary Guidance can be viewed on the Local Development Plan webpage.