Electronic Identification - Sheep and Goats

Sheep & Goats (Records. Identification & Movement) (Scotland) Order 2009

  • In force 31 December 2009
  • Electronic identifier (microchip) containing animal’s individual number
  • Ear Tag
  • Bolus
  • Pastern Tag

Key Requirements

  • Register as a keeper (every holding used)
  • Identify each of your animals
  • Keep records up to date
  • Movement Documents for every move
  • Notify movements on to your holding to Scottish Animal Movement Unit (SAMU)

Four Categories

  • Full ID (Sheep born or identified after 31 Dec 09)
  • Double ID (Goats born or identified after 31 Dec 09)
  • Slaughter Animals (lambs or kids – born or identified after 31 Dec 09 and intended for slaughter within 12 months or birth)
    (“Electronic Slaughter Tag” for lambs)
    (“Non-Electronic Slaughter Tag for Kids”)
  • Historic (Older sheep or Goats born or identified before 31 Dec 09)

When to Tag

  • Within 6 months of birth if housed overnight
  • Within 9 months of birth if not housed overnight (i.e. in the field)
  • Before animal moves from its holding of birth

Tag Data

  • Full EID Tag – a zero then your unique flock mark followed by a five digit animal number
  • Slaughter EID Tag – your flock mark or herd mark

Recording Movements

  • No individual record on a movement document until 1 January 2011 except to showground’s.
  • No individual record for animals born before 31 December 2009 until 31 December 2011 except to showground’s.
  • No animal born before 31 December 2009 and moving to slaughter (direct or via market) has to be recorded at all

Critical Control Points (CPP’s)

  • Derogation to permit CPP’s will allow individual information to be read on behalf of keepers
  • Approved CPP
  • Market
  • Abattoir