Fund Specific Objectives and Criteria Design Grant


This document sets out objectives and criteria specific to the Design Grant administered as part of the Outer Hebrides Community Led Local Development (OH CLLD) Fund 2022-23. It is to be read in conjunction with OH CLLD’s Community Led Vision Guidance (244.1kB) (Opens in a new window or downloads a file) which sets out the programme’s wider aims and objectives.

Purpose of the Grant

The Design Grant, which forms part of OH CLLD’s Community and Key Project Support programme as set out in their Community Led Vision (398.1kB) (Opens in a new window or downloads a file), will assist communities to develop strategic projects to a “shovel-ready” stage. For this purpose, a total of £100,000 have been set aside.

This fund is for capital projects currently at the preparation and project design stage (RIBA 1 or 2) and aims to progress these to a stage where they are ready to attract capital funding (RIBA 3 or 4) by providing the necessary revenue required to cover professional fees incurred in formalising project design. Due to the tight timescale, projects seeking assistance with the early stages of project preparation, e.g. feasibility studies or impact assessments, are unlikely to be successful unless they can convincingly demonstrate that the project can be taken to a stage ready for manufacture or construction by 10th March 2023.

Grant funding is also available for qualifying organisations seeking to build capacity through mentoring, improved networking and collaboration.

Eligibility Criteria

In order to be deemed eligible, organisations applying for funding must be based within the Outer Hebrides and the proposed project located there. Applicants must be either a social enterprise, community development company/trust or a constituted not-for-profit voluntary organisation. Applications from individuals, sole traders, political organisations, private businesses, public sector bodies or organisations outwith the Outer Hebrides will not be considered. Religious groups will not ordinarily be eligible unless broad community benefits can be demonstrated.

Further to the criteria set out in the Community Led Vision Guidance (244.1kB), projects must:

  • be seeking support with revenue costs only;
  • be a precursor for larger future capital developments and community aspirations; and
  • be completed by 10th March 2023 and final claims submitted by 17th March 2023.

Key project dates

  • Applications must be submitted no later than midday on Monday 5th December 2022.
  • Applicants will be made aware of the LAG’s decision as soon as possible with successful projects being issues with a letter of approval and offer of contract shortly after.
  • Successful projects may commence as soon as the CLLD Co-ordinator acknowledges receipt of the signed and dated contract.
  • All work must be completed by Friday 10th March 2023 and all claims submitted by Friday 17th March 2023.

If you wish to submit an enquiry for grant support or have any further questions, please email, providing the following information if possible:

  • Your group/business name;
  • Your project name;
  • A brief description of what the grant would be used for;
  • The total project cost;
  • The amount of CLLD grant sought; and
  • Confirmation that the project will be completed by mid-March 2023

Please also email us if you require any further information and guidance.

For further information and guidance, please contact the Outer Hebrides CLLD Co-ordinator by emailing