What Is Contaminated Land

Contaminated land is land that has been affected by substances in, on or under it that could cause harm to the end user or have a negative impact on the surrounding environment.

It can affect you if you live on or near a site that has been identified as being contaminated.  It will also be of benefit to know the status of a site if you are going to buy or sell land in future.

Causes of contamination include:

  • Past land uses, i.e., Fanks, industrial areas
  • Spillages of oil or diesel
  • Naturally occurring chemicals.
  • If you are a builder or developer a condition may be attached to your planning consent regarding contaminated land.  Please Contact Us for advice.

Soil contamination can harm plants when they attempt to grow by taking up contaminants through their roots.  Similarly contaminants in the soil can have an adverse impact on animals and humans if they inhale, ingest or touch the contamination.

Cleaning up (remediating) contaminated land sites is the best way to tackle the problem.  There are numerous ways of cleaning up a site depending on what type of contamination is present.

The services provided by the Comhairle can help establish what type of contamination is present on site by doing a historical search and taking soil samples, depending on what the site is to be used for.

If it is thought that there is contamination present on-site, and a site investigation is required, the Contaminated Land team can review the site investigation reports.