News, Events And Visits


Throughout the year the Zero Waste Western Isles Team will be busy attending events and making visits around the Western Isles. Find out more here.


There are many events planned around the Western Isles during the year. From fun days at a school to the Hebridean Celtic Festival, the Zero Waste Team will be attending many.

If you think an event you’re involved in may benefit from a visit by the Zero Waste Western Isles Team then please contact the Zero Waste Western Isles Helpline on 01851 709 900 Lewis & Harris or  01870 603 910 Uist & Barra.


The majority of visits that the Zero Waste Western Isles Team will make will be to schools. But there are other organisations and clubs that may benefit from a visit.

The Zero Waste Western Isles Team are presently visiting schools and other organisations by invitation. The Team have a range of promotional and display materials that help to promote the Reduce Reuse Recycle message.

Visits can be tailored to the individual needs of the school or group. It may be that the group are participating in a particular activity or project that includes Reducing, Reusing or Recycling Waste. Perhaps it is in support of an area of the curriculum, or perhaps it’s just to understand a little more about the 3 R’s message. All of these needs can be catered for.

In schools the Zero Waste Western Isles Team will give a brief talk on the Reduce, Reuse and Recycle message highlighting the key points in each of these areas. This talk and the display material used will be targeted at the age group attending. The talk is then followed by an activity session.

For younger audiences the activities include colouring pictures associated with Reduce, Reuse and Recycle. The team also have toys and games that are associated with the 3's that can then be used.

For older audiences there is also a quiz and recycling game. Designed as team activities, the quiz tests the knowledge of participants in the Reduce, Reuse and Recycle message. The game then involves placing a variety of materials in the correct bins to show that the material is ideal for Reducing, Reusing or Recycling.