Glass (Green Bin)

Lewis and Harris 9 Weekly Collection Schedule

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Week 1 Collection Dates - Glass (Green Bin)
Week Day Area June August October
1 Friday Point - Seaview Knock, Knock, Swordale and Aiginish; Stornoway Commercials 2nd 4th 6th
Week 2 Collection Dates - Glass (Green Bin)
Week Day Area June August October
2 Thursday Uig / Garynahine / Lochganvich / Achmore / Cleascro 8th 10th 12th
2 Friday Bernera / Linshader / Tolsta Chaolais / Breasclete / Callanish 9th 11th 13th
2 Friday Melbost / Parkend - Melbost, Branahuie, Holm, Parkend & Mackenzie Park, Stoneyfield, East Street; Stornoway Commercials 9th 11th 13th
Week 3 Collection Dates - Glass (Green Bin)
Week Day Area June August October
3 Thursday New Harris - Scott Rd, Bunnavoneader, Meavaig, Cliasmol, Amhuinsuidhe, Bedersaig, Govig, Hushinish, Caw, Kendebig, Diraclete, Ardhasaig, Luskentyre; Aline, Airidhbhruaich, Leachkin, Tarbert Commercials 15th 17th 19th
3 Friday Brue to Carloway - Brue, Arnol, Bragar, Shawbost, Carloway 16th 18th 20th
3 Friday Newmarket and Tong - Newmarket inc Laxdale, Guershader, Newvalley, Benside, Bakers Rd / Tong inc Tong Rd, Springside / Coll loop, Gearraidh Ghuirm area / Stornoway Commercials 16th 18th 20th
Week 4 Collection Dates - Glass (Green Bin)
Week Day  Area June August October
4 Friday Leurbost and Crossbost / Stornoway Commercials 23rd 25th 27th
Week 5 Collection Dates - Glass (Green Bin)
Week Day Area June August September November
5 Thursday Scalpay, Harris - Tarbert, Garragreich, Urgha, Maaruig, Rhenigadale, Scaladale, Ardvourlie, Bowglass, Macqueen St, Sunnyhill 29th 31st   2nd
5 Friday Ness - Lionel, Habost, Swainbost, Cross, North and South Dell, Cross Skigersta, Skigersta, Eorodale, Adabroc, Port of Ness, Knockaird, Fivepenny and Eoropie 30th   1st 3rd
5 Friday Ranish and Grimshader / Stornoway Commercials 30th   1st 3rd
Week 6 Collection Dates - Glass (Green Bin)
Week Day  Area July September November
6 Thursday Leverburgh - Leverburgh, Strond, Borrisdale, Northton, Scarista, Borve, Horgabost, Seilebost;  6th 7th 9th
6 Friday Barvas to Galson - Barvas, Ballantrushal, Shader, Airidhantuim, Borve, High Borve, Melbost Borve, South Galson, North Galson 7th 8th 10th
6 Friday Manor - Macaulay Rd, Portrona Dr, Queensland Rd, Morrison Ave, Bain Sq, Macleod Rd, India St, Torquil Terr, Canada Cresc, Assaye Pl, Willowglen Rd, Perceval Rd, Cross St, Sand St, Bayhead St, Cromwell St, Esplanade Court / Sail Loft, Kenneth St, James St, Newton St, Seaview Terr, Millar Rd, Builnacraig St, Battery Park Rd, Seaforth Rd, Inaclete Rd, Olivers Brae, Macdonald Rd, Macmillan Brae, Maclean Terr, Memorial Ave, Grant Sq, Napier Hill, Braes Rd, Murdoch Pl; Stornoway Commercials 7th 8th 10th
Week 7 Collection Dates - Glass (Green Bin)
Week Day Area July September November
7 Friday Goathill - Matheson Rd, Goathill Rd, Lister Pl, Fleming Pl, Doig Crescent, Columbia Pl, Barony Sq, Jamieson Dr, Berisay Pl, Kennedy Terr, Balmerino Dr, Westview Terr, Maclennan Pl, Goathill Crescent, Leverhulme Dr, Robertson Rd, Ripley Pl, Stag Rd, Mackenzie St, Plantation Rd, Rose St, McCallum Pl, Scotland St, Keith St, Mackay Court, New St, Lewis St, Garden Rd, Francis St, Church St, Gibson Gardens; Stornoway Commercials 14th 15th 17th
Week 8 Collection Dates - Glass (Green Bin)
Week Day Area July September November
8 Thursday Harris Bays - Meavaig, Drinishader, Plockrapool, Scadabay, Grosebay, Stockinish, Leaklee, Cluer, Lickisto, Geocrab, Manish, Flodabay, Quidinish, Finsbay, Rodel; Tarbert Commercials 20th 21st 23rd
8 Friday Point - Garrabost, Lower Bayble, Eagleton, Upper Bayble, Shulishader, Sheshader, Flesherin, Portnaguran, Aird, Broker, Portvoller 21st 22nd 24th
8 Friday Plasterfield - Smith Avenue, Springfield Rd, Stirling Square, Anderson Rd, Tolmie Terr, Ross Terr, Macrae Rd, Macrae Pl, Nicol Crescent, Churchill Dr, Nicolson Rd, Constable Rd, Plasterfield, Ivorhill, Sheilingside, Redburn, Mosspark, Simon Rd, Steinish, North St, Lower Sandwick, Sinclair Ave, Stornoway Commercials 21st 22nd 24th
Week 9 Collection Dates - Glass (Green Bin)
Week Day Area July September November
9 Thursday South Lochs / Balallan / Laxay / Keose 27th 28th 30th
9 Friday North Tolsta / Gress / Back / Coll 28th 29th  
9 Friday Marybank / Cearns - Marybank, Maryhill, Bennadrove, New Sheilings, Allt na Broige, Memorial View, MacAulay Farm, Cearns, Mill Road, Stile Walk, Long Lane, Kiln Ridge, Stewart Drive, Urquart Gardens, Macaulay Rd (Roundabout to opp hosp entrance); Stornoway Commercials 28th 29th