Household Waste Recyling Centres Site Rules

Site Rules

  • All Comhairle sites operate one way systems and this must be followed at all times.
  • There is a 5 miles per hour speed restriction in place and this must be complied with.
  • Extra precaution should be taken at all the times as users may be crossing to dispose of their waste in the correct skip.
  • Children under the age of 16 must remain in the vehicle at all times whilst in the Recycling Centres.
  • Running is not allowed at Recycling Centres.
  • Users are recommended to wear sturdy gloves to protect their hands and wear suitable sturdy footwear.
  • All waste should be deposited inside skips as signposted/instructed, if full please seek advice from the Recycling Centre Operative.
  • Recycling centre users must not enter or climb into skips at any time.
  • No unauthorised person may interfere with, sort or remove any waste at a Recycling Centre.
  • In order to reduce access problems and congestion on sites, users should unload materials and vacate the site within 15 minutes of arrival (pre-sorting of waste is therefore advised).
  • No smoking is permitted within the boundary of the Recycling Centres.
  • Users must comply with the Recycling Centre Operatives’ instructions at all times.
  • Verbal or physical violence towards any of our staff or other site users will not be tolerated. Users responsible for this kind of behaviour will be reported to the Police and banned from using any of our sites.
  • Any visitor failing to comply with site rules or Recycling Centre Operatives’ instructions will be subject to a temporary ban. Persistent offenders may be banned for an unlimited period of time.
  • Comhairle nan Eilean Siar reserves the right to refuse entry and will inform anybody temporarily or permanently banned from Recycling Centres for any reason in writing.
  • Please note that entry to our site may not be permitted after 15 minutes to closing time, to allow users sufficient time to complete their waste disposal and be off site before the stated site closing time. Therefore, please ensure you arrive prior to 4:45pm Tuesday – Friday, and prior to 3:45pm on Saturdays, to ensure you will be granted entry.

The Comhairle operates a zero tolerance policy with regards to violence and aggression.